We can organise an event in the wood just for you.

We can provide a range of activities, for any duration and for a variety of group sizes and ages.  

We provide expert guidance and enough instruction to let you enjoy the activities and learn through your own practice.

Some Activities:

Here are some of the things you could do with us:

  • Fire lighting
  • Den building
  • Survival skills
  • Wildlife discovery
  • Learn to use hand tools
  • Wild camp
  • Team challenges
  • Pioneering (construction with poles and ropes)
  • Map reading, orienteering and geocaching
  • Open fire cooking

We can include several activities in your event, and even an overnight experience.  We can run your event for children, adults, or a combination or both.  

Some Sample Events:

Fun In the Woods.  A 2 hour event for a group of children to have fun in the forest, light a fire and toast marshmallows. 

Kids Survival.  A 3 hour event for a group of children to learn some cool survival skills.

Family Day.  An all day experience for adults and children to bond, explore the natural world, learn new skills and have fun with some challenges. 

Wild Camp.  An overnight experience including cooking on an open fire and discovering the night-time forest. 

24 Hour Survival Experience.  Combines learning life-saving skills and overcoming challenges around the forest, includes an overnight wild camp.  

Team Building.  A half day team-building experience for adults learning a few new skills, relaxing and chatting whilst whittling or problem solving together.  

Parents and Toddlers.  An hour and a half session for parents and their young children to meet with friends and provide an opportunity for toddlers to discover the wilderness.

Forest Therapy.   A 3 hour session for adults to enjoy nature and a little ‘me’ time.  It includes having a go at a craft activity and exploring the forest. 

Perfect to:
  • Help celebrate a special occasion.
  • Do something different with fiends.
  • Enjoy some family time.
  • Give to someone as a gift experience - we can provide a voucher.
How much?

Events are priced based on duration, the number of participants and the activities, so we will provide a quote based on your particular requirements.  We believe our prices are competitive!  

To arrange:

Just send us a message via our "Contact Us" page or phone Andrew on 07519 340220.