Saturday Forest School Clubs

We run 2 hour sessions on Saturday mornings and Saturday afternoons during term time.

We run one Series per half term normally for 6 consecutive weeks.


Sessions start at 10:00am and at 2:00pm.  At each session we have 2 groups, one for younger children (from school age), and one for older children (normally from 9).  The price is £54 per child for a 6 week series.


Children attend our Clubs for a Series and are given priority to continue with the next Series.  We run a waiting list for children to take up places when they occur.  Please let us know if you would like your child to join the list. 

What we do

We use the principles and the ethos of Forest School to encourage independence, an interest in nature, self confidence and life skills. The activities vary between the younger and older groups but the emphasis is on enjoying the outdoors, making new friends, and developing practical skills. 

They learn to use a variety of tools, discover nature, how to make things from natural materials, build shelters, light fires, cook, learn a variety of crafts, play 'wide games' and team games, and get muddy!  Children can bring a snack and will have plenty of 'free time' to follow their own interests and to explore.   For some series the children will have a project such as building a natural shelter or creating a spectacular pioneering project.