For adults we can provide a range of bespoke events,
and.... BRAND NEW:
Forest School for Grown Ups

A 2 hour session on the following dates:

  • Sunday 9 June 2024
  • Sunday 14 July 2024

More to follow...

Anyone (over 18) is welcome to book any session. 

The sessions will run from 10:00 to 12:00 at the Forest Quest Wood .

Activities will vary between sessions and will include a variety of bushcraft, creative, nature, survival, and fun activities.

Sessions are stand-alone, so there is no expectation that you have attended a previous session. 

Go to "Events"  to book.  

Just £15 per person per session

Bespoke Adult Bushcraft Session

We will run a bespokebushcraft experience just for you; either exclusively for you or with a group of friends.  It can be as long as you like, just let us know how long you want!  We will work with you to select activities to suit the duration and your interests.

The Bushcraft Activities Menu:

  • Lighting a fire
  • Traditional fire lighting
  • Bivouac tarp set ups
  • Survival shelters
  • Water cleansing
  • Open fire cooking
  • Cordage
  • Basic tool use
  • Carving project
  • Tree identification and uses
  • Wildlife and nature discovery
  • Natural navigation
  • Geocaching
  • Map reading
  • Pioneering (pine pole construction) 

We recommend allowing an hour for most activities but some will take up to 2 hours, and you may like time just to explore the wood and relax.  

Cost.  As a guide, the cost for up to 4 people is £35 per hour.  

Young People.  As part of a family group, young people over the age of 14 are welcome on Bushcraft sessions. 

The popular Bushcraft Basics Day.  This is a 5 hour session, usually starting at 10am and covers: lighting a fire, open fire cooking (for lunch), basic tool use, wildlife and nature discovery, and survival shelters.  It Costs £175 for a group of up to 4. 

Bookings. We can be flexible on timings and the number of participants. Contact us to discuss your requirements and to arrange a date.

Contact us ...!

Bushcraft Weekend for adults.

This is a the complete Bushcraft package.  It is a totally hands-on course, designed to let participants have a go at exciting and useful bushcraft skills in a woodland setting. 

We run our Bushcraft weekends on request.  It's ideal for a group of friends to spend an exhilarating weekend outdoors whilst learning new skills.

The activities will include:

  • Basic Tool use - learn to use various hand tools.
  • Carving Project - develop your tool skills to make something to keep.
  • Basic Fire lighting - build, light and sustain a fire.
  • Traditional Fire Lighting - learn some ancient techniques including flint and steel, and fire by friction.
  • Tree Identification  - find out about the trees and their various uses.
  • Nature discovery  -  learn to spot signs of the animals in the wood and identify some edible plants.
  • Open fire cooking - prepare and cook your meals over an open fire.
  • Bivouac - learn some useful knots, put up your own bivvy, and sleep in it overnight.
  • Survival Shelter.  Have a go at building a survival shelter using natural resources, and sleep in it if you wish!

Timings.  The course starts at 10:00 on Saturday and finishes at 16:00 on Sunday. 

Camping Out.  The course includes staying out overnight and sleeping in your shelter.  Enjoy an evening round the campfire and experience the wood at night!

Kit.  We will provide further details when you book including a kit list; though all you really need is a sleeping bag, and we can even provide that if you don't have one!  

Food.  All food and refreshments will be provided, any special particular dietary requirements will be accommodated. 

Cost.  As a guide, the cost for a group of 6 people is £520. However, we can be flexible on timings and the number of participants, and hence price. Contact us for a quote.

Bookings. To book a date or get a quote send us a message.

Forest School Leaders

Are you a Forest School Leader who would like to enhance your skills or confidence?    We can help.

Forest Quest has been delivering Forest School regularly since 2012.  We have 5 Forest School Leaders and we have a fantastic Forest School site. 

We can provide dedicated one-to-one guidance and development in any Forest School skill or you could attend our Saturday sessions to work alongside us with the children.

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