Working with Schools

What we provide:

Activity Detail

Nature.  A great opportunity to meet nature face-to-face. Including learning about the trees, following animal tracks, finding animal homes, and getting used to the weather.

Fire lighting.  Always a popular activity, fire lighting demands perseverance, team work, risk awareness, and application of skills. It is also satisfying to master this ancient art.

Shelter Building. We teach a variety of different shelter-building techniques from simple bivouacs to complex natural shelters. Different skills are developed and it is perfect for team building and learning about ancient crafts.

Essential Water.  Children discover how to find and transport water, to filter it and purify it to make it drinkable; they even get to make their own pine tea!

Tools.  Children are taught how to handle tools safely and to use them confidently to create objects from wood from the forest. They build self confidence, learn how to manage risk and develop concentration and perseverance.

Team Work.  Children work in teams to overcome challenges and are guided through the key skills of leadership, teamwork and supporting one another.

Map Reading.  Children are taught how to read a map and compass, how to judge distance and how to work together to maintain a heading.  They use their skills in safe, practical exercises and develop to undertake an orienteering course around our wood.  We also have geocaches to find using GPS receivers.  

Pioneering.  Children learn how to tie knots and lashings and work together to create a structure strong enough for them to climb on!

We have worked with: Linton-on-Ouse Primary School, Nun-Monkton Foundation Primary School, Alne Primary School, Huby CofE(VC) Primary School, Langton Primary School, Norton Community Primary School, Forest of Galtres Anglican Methodist Primary School, Knayton CofE Primary School, Great Ouseburn Community Primary School, Woodthorpe Primary School, Pocklington School, St Mary's Catholic Primary School Malton, Keeble Gateway Academy, Baldersby St James CofE Primary School, Holme on Spalding Moor Primary School, Acomb Primary School, New Earswick Primary School, Stockton-on-the Forest Primary School,and Sutton on the Forest CofE(VC) Primary School.

For more information on Forest School go to the excellent Forest School Association website.  We have joined the Association which is relatively new, although the concept of Forest School is not.