Activity Days 

We can provide tailored Activity Days for classes or groups of children.  We will provide the children with a selection of experiences appropriate to their age.  

curriculum topics

We can incorporate a variety of learning opportunities to link in with curriculum topics.  Popular are our:

  • Stone Age to Iron Age experience
  • survival day
  • teambuilding challenges
  • map reading and orienteering
  • bushcraft skills such as fire lighting and den building

A Rich Experience

There is no limit to how we can work with you to create a fabulous and memorable experience in the woods.  Recreate a story, discover nature, make memories for creative writing, or just enjoy an exciting reward for a hard year's work.  We can create a magical day to meet your needs.

Little Red Riding hood experience

Stone Age to Iron AgeDay

The forest environment lend itself to discovering through experience how our ancestors lived.  

Discover the amazing skills of Stone Age people such as flint knapping and fire lighting, handle Stone Age tools, and learn about Human life in Britain through the medium of our 850,000 year timeline!

Discover Bronze Age "Ötzi the Iceman", enjoy our special Ötzi Camp Fire Show, and have a go with replicas of his equipment. 

Work as a team on an Iron Age hut and get mucky with wattle and daub!

A perfect experience-based learning day to support the Stone Age to Iron Age curriculum theme.

Flint arrowheads

Wolf as Ötzi!